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The Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program (MRGESCP) will unveil its new database management system (DBMS) in 2014. The DBMS is a web-accessible, multi-disciplinary, spatially referenced, relational DBMS to consolidate, organize, document, store, analyze, and distribute both scientific and project managment informaiton related to the Program.

The new web address will be


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The Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program

MRGESCP is a partnership involving 16 current signatories organized to protect and improve the status of endangered species along the Middle Rio Grande (MRG) of New Mexico while simultaneously protecting existing and future regional water uses. Two species of particular concern are the Rio Grande silvery minnow and the southwestern willow flycatcher.

Program activities include water acquisition and management, habitat restoration, endangered species monitoring, and silvery minnow propagation. Congress provided approximately $115.8 million to Reclamation from FY2001 to 2009 with an approximate non-federal match of $12.7 million to support Program activities. Reclamation serves the leadership role for the Program. Accomplishments include acquisition of over 158,290 acre-feet of supplemental water from willing lessors from FY2003-2009.